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Susan-Renaud_web.pngBook a call with Susan Renaud, CPA, CFP®, CEPA, Ledyard's Business Succession Planning Director, today.  

What if you could transition your business with confidence? 

One of the greatest struggles every business owner faces is deciding how, when and if they will be able to successfully exit their business.

Watch our lineup of distinguished experts offer practical guidance, strategies, and case studies to help you navigate this pivotal phase of your business journey.

This workshop will help you gain a valuable perspective from those who have successfully managed business transitions. 


Video Replays

Watch Monday's Session featuring Susan Renaud

 Watch Now    

Watch Tuesday's Session featuring Marian Janes

 Watch Now    

Watch Wednesday's Session featuring Bryan Ducharme and Chris Nesbitt

 Watch Now    

Watch Thursday's Session featuring Mark Beliveau and Kim Lebron

 Watch Now    

Watch Friday's Session featuring Susan Renaud and the Team

 Watch Now    

Watch Monday's Q&A Session featuring the whole Team

 Watch Now    


Complete the complimentary Personal Exit Planning Health Check assessment

Rate each category from 1-6, based on the below key (25 questions, please add comments as you feel appropriate):

  1. No consideration
  2. Thought about it
  3. Some completed, but Below Average
  4. Above Average
  5. Best-in-Class
  6. Perfect, no further work needed

The information presented in this workshop is not intended to be tax or legal advice but educational/informational only.
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